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You must have a java enabled browser to use this chat room.

Once this room is established, there will be a chat schedule posted.

To enter the chat room all you need to do is type in your on screen or nick name.
There is no need to fill in the other information.
You can also change the background and foreground colors of your chat room view.
Where you would type for your chat, you would type
example: *chat bgcolor black
This would change your screen background color to black
Typing *chat fgcolor green would change the text color to green
You can choose the colors you want.
You can also change the fontsize be typing example: *chat fontsize 14
If you have any questions about how to do this just let me know.


This is a PG rated chat room so please be an angel and watch your language.

Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, you will not be able to chat.

Thank you for stopping by
May the angels watch over you and keep you safe

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